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We prepare a dry towel , fold the towel


Aug 15, 2023
We prepare a dry towel , fold the towel

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At the Shanghai Wildlife Park, a baby anteater always snuggles up to a white towel. As soon as the towel is removed, it chases after it. That is its source of sense of security.

In addition to ensuring a safe eating distance from the other table and the temperature measurement and disinfection of guests at the store, the store also requires comprehensive disinfection of the store before opening every day, and strict cleaning and disinfection of tableware and towels. “the reception capacity of the dining room service is no more than 50% of the original meal seats. our employees need to hold a valid health certificate, check their temperature every day and register their health, and they are required to wear masks at all times during work.” Hot pot restaurant service staff told reporters that every customer can rest assured to eat and eat at ease.

One thing to pay attention to, long hair and poor hair quality of the little fairy, wash your hair must not rub hard, squeeze with a towel, avoid using a hair dryer, if not, it is best to use an ion hair dryer. Return to Sohu to see more

We prepare a dry towel , fold the towel

We prepare a dry towel, fold the towel in half, fold it again, and then pour some white vinegar on the towel. Then put it directly into the freezer, the towel can absorb the excess moisture in the refrigerator, and white vinegar can remove the smell. Just leave it for two or three days, and the smell in the refrigerator will disappear.

Can use some soft small items to replace the comfort of parents, such as some small towels, quilts and so on. My son liked to go to sleep with his little quilt when he was young. That little quilt was used when he was born, he is very familiar with things, help him with this quilt, he will know it is time to go to bed.