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luggage racks, pillow towel s and small tables in the


Aug 1, 2023
luggage racks, pillow towel s and small tables in the

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Transportation is the “forerunner” of tourism development, and the high-speed railway is the “new carrier” of tourism promotion. With the opening of the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway, the development of Heyuan Literature and Tourism has officially entered the “high-speed rail era”. On January 14, the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway train named “China Wanlu Lake World Dragon” opened from Guangzhou East Railway Station. Beautiful pictures of Heyuan can be seen everywhere on luggage racks, pillow towels and small tables in the train compartments. like a mobile exhibition hall of Heyuan tourism culture, the brand image of “China Wanlu Lake World Chinese Dragon” will be spread to the Greater Bay area and the whole China at the speed of high-speed railway. “there are two such named trains, one of which focuses on promoting Wanlu Lake inside and outside the body. prior to this, we have carried out cultural and tourism promotion activities in five cities along the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway.” Heyuan City Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau responsible person introduced.

9. Bring a small bag of paper towels when you go out, which makes people feel that you are meticulous and considerate. My girlfriend told me that when she first met me, she gave me a lot of points because of my habit, and she could take out emergency things in my bag at any time. So boys and girls, remember to bring a bag of paper when you go out.

luggage racks, pillow towel s and small tables in the

The so-called fresh-keeping bag, it is a transparent thin bag, all kinds of things are clear inside, obsessive-compulsive disorder go out, shopping, you can use it to hold some things that you want to be isolated from the bag, cheap and easy to use! It can hold cosmetics, small combs, small mirrors, and small towels. As long as it is something small and not sharp, it can be installed and well preserved! Of course, it is possible to leak, after all, it is only plastic, not diamond ha!

Elsewhere, the dashboard is lined with black towels, while the center console and trimmed finished in black perforated ashwood with version 1 laser carving marks as standard. Floor mat with version 1 logo to complete the packaging.

Dip soapy water or detergent with a towel or sponge and scrub every corner of the dashboard. It should be noted that before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a towel after the dust is dissolved. If the chromium-plated surface should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain its brightness, when it is found that the chromium-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the corrosion from spreading.

luggage racks, pillow towel s and small tables in the

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Does your face always feel dry and sleepy in a car with hot air? ? In autumn and winter, the climate itself is relatively dry, coupled with a long period of dry hot wind blowing directly on the face, which will inevitably cause facial moisture loss and aggravate the sleepiness of car owners. In order to solve this problem, first of all, the warm air temperature should not be too high when driving in autumn and winter, and the air outlet of the air conditioner should not blow directly to the face. in addition, spread a wet towel on the dashboard in the car, or directly place a car moisturizer. It can effectively relieve dryness.