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bowl. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap


Sep 21, 2023
bowl. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap

At exactly 11:00 in the morning, after the smoke specially for the fire drill was lit, a rapid alarm sounded throughout the campus. Students begin to evacuate to designated safe places from teaching buildings and apartment buildings. Teachers evacuate wisely in all corridors and intersections to ensure that they do not push or trample. The students covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and paper towels and evacuated to the designated safe area of the playground under the guidance of the teacher. The head teachers counted the personnel of each class in the safe area, and after confirming that all the staff had been evacuated, the emergency wisdom announced the end of the exercise. Then the principal in charge of safety in our school popularized the knowledge of fire control for the students and asked the teacher to demonstrate the correct use of the fire extinguisher for the students.

Towels are in close contact with our bodies every day, and its main ingredient, cotton fiber, is easy to “hide dirt”. If it is not cleaned correctly, it will become a source of pollution in the home.

The correct washing method according to the law of hair growth also plays an important role in the maintenance of hair. it mainly includes the following steps: brushing hair, washing hair with water, washing hair with shampoo, using conditioner, and drying hair with dry towels. We said before that it is recommended to use weak acid shampoo after dyeing hair with Henna powder, this is because the composition of Henna powder is weakly acidic, using weak acid shampoo can reduce the discoloration when washing hair, and in addition, weak acid shampoo has many benefits to our hair, so what is weak acid shampoo, what kind of hair is it suitable for, and what are the benefits? Although it is said to be non-standard

Patients with this exercise method can massage the glans with towels when taking a bath. Massage is too light and has no effect, while massage too heavy may stab the glans. Therefore, appropriate intensity should be adjusted during massage. After continuing in this way for 2-3 months, the skin of the glans will be exercised and the penis will become strong and lasting.

2. The eyes are in the sand. ?? Eyes are the most delicate organs, if the sand is not removed in time, there will be pain in the blink of an eye, but also cause inflammation, festering and even blindness. When a foreign body enters the eye, it is most taboo to rub your eyes hard, use dry paper towels or wipe your eyes with towels. The right thing to do is to open your eyes and ask your partner to help open your eyelids and check the whiteness (bulbar conjunctiva), lower eyelids and cornea. If the foreign body is in the eyelid or white part of the eye, you can gently wipe the foreign body with a paper towel dipped in a little pure water (at home, it is best to wipe off the foreign body with a cotton swab with a little antibiotic eye drops); if the foreign body is in the upper eyelid, cornea, or embedded deeply, it must be treated in the hospital in time.

A woman in her 30s was pregnant and kept a secret from her husband and went to work and work every day until one day she was about to give birth. She hurriedly went home, prepared hot water towels, lay on the bed, and gave birth to the baby alone. She looked like a boy, but she was not happy and did not inform anyone. She wrapped the baby in rags and fed some baby milk powder.

At first, when the child is sleeping, parents can choose to wrap a towel around the child to make the child feel surrounded. When the child is older, parents can play some games similar to hide-and-seek with the child to help the child reduce the dependence on the mother and get rid of the influence of anxiety.

5. After kneading, shape the dough into a ball and place it back into the mixing bowl. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap and let the dough rise in a warm place for approximately one hour, or until it has doubled in size.

Toilet decoration when many friends often forget to reserve power outlets and waterways, later change the intelligent toilet and electric towel rack will easily lead to inconvenience. So when decorating, be sure to reserve a socket next to the sink and toilet.

In his later years, Chairman Mao, due to his heavy workload and long-term smoking, was in poor health, and it became more and more obvious to the workers who worked in the laundry room. Because they have to wash and iron more and more towels, mouth cloths and other cloth every day. Compared with the past, the number has increased eight to nine times.