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a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my


Aug 2, 2023
a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my

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Fully understand the beach by the sea and choose the beach that suits you to get the best experience. Prepare appropriate beach equipment, such as tents, towels and sunscreen, to protect you from the sun. Book accommodation in advance to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the seaside. Understand the local culture and traditions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the local people. Try local cuisine to better experience the local culture. Look for local water sports, such as swimming, diving and windsurfing, for the best seaside experience. Interact with local people to understand their way of life and culture. Make full use of day and night to enjoy the best seaside experience. Relax and enjoy the beauty and breath of the seaside. Record your experience to recall the good times by the sea.

The hotel is located on the mountain, there is a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my male friends and I like it very much, the reception of our little brother service attitude is super good, when checking in to provide us with ice towels and cold drinks (containers are silver, really want to boast Thai cold drinks, really is the most variety in the world, the best drink ) The little brother who received us squatted down patiently to explain to us all the leisure areas and precautions of the hotel, and the luggage also helped us to mention the room. It is convenient to have a refrigerator in the room, and the hotel has special BBQ and limited afternoon tea every day, both of which are very cheap. Breakfast is also very rich, Chinese style, Thai style, Western style can be satisfied.

on the beach.

The second is the news that 12 melon whales were stranded near the sea in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, and rescuers worked hard to rescue them. After finding whales stranded on the beach, the local government immediately organized digestive, medical, ocean pavilion and other professionals as well as a large number of volunteers to rescue the whales against the scorching sun. They shaded, moisturized, medically assisted, observed, and released the whales. according to the news description, local departments actively rescued, watering, supporting sheds, covering wet towels, transporting ice cubes to cool down, and hundreds of people spontaneously joined the rescue team. As a result, nine of the 12 stranded melon whales were rescued, of which two were released for treatment, and five melon whales were temporarily raised in their new home of 300 square meters. Look at the picture as follows:

Tremezzo Hotel, each room can feel the unique style of the hotel. Guests can also enjoy the amenities such as wardrobe, changing room, towel, wooden floor, clothes hanger and so on. Accommodation includes a wide variety of recreational facilities, including hiking trails, windsurfing, jacuzzi, private beaches and fitness centers. Image source: high-quality image

a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my

Take children to the beach, including swimsuits, swimming goggles, swimming diapers, sunscreen, hats, swimming rings, all kinds of sand digging toys, towels, band-aids, etc., you can decide how much equipment to bring according to your own needs.

When having a picnic, it is recommended to choose a portable and environmentally friendly incubator, which is easy to move and choose size according to your own needs, so it is more convenient to place food. If it is a beach picnic with an incubator that is convenient and practical, it can hold water directly, the sealed structure can also prevent sand invasion, and the roll-molded ice bucket can also be used as a stool with full personality. Some picnic bags equipped with acrylic goblets are unbreakable and unique, so they are the preferred container for outdoor picnics. Those who like the mood can choose bamboo picnic basket, the heat preservation effect is not good, but the photo is good.

Summer to the seaside swimming should pay attention to: 1, summer sea water bath to choose a clean sea area, do not go to remote waters. To strengthen personal protection, you must not directly grab or catch caught seafood with your hands, and do not use your hands when you encounter jellyfish floating on the surface of the sea. Unknown species of sea life on the beach cannot be picked up or touched with their hands. 2. once stinging animals are stung, towels and clothes can be used to wipe off tentacles or venom attached to the skin. Do not wipe them directly with your hands. Do not rinse with fresh water, fresh water can promote thorn cell launch, can be washed with sea water. If possible, rinse or spray the affected area with alkaline solution; apply 10% sodium bicarbonate solution locally. And see a doctor in time.

The person in charge of the base led a party to visit each live hall and introduced the live e-commerce operation process, live broadcast skills and so on. In the discussion, combined with the beach village towel industry and the person in charge of the base to communicate with the major live broadcast platform operation mechanism, powder absorption rules and the actual live broadcast operation and so on.

Who is the beach chair? Germany? Beihai? With a unique landscape, people can see their huge lineup not only on the beach, but also on holiday homes, docks, roadsides, open-air restaurants or ferries. About 12000 beach chairs are rented across the island for 8 euros (64 yuan) a day. The footstool can be pulled out, and the locked drawer can hold towels, valuables and beach clothes.

a special car to the beach and night market, a very nice hotel, my

Check-in time from 2pm to 12:00 the next day (summer check-in time may be delayed by 1 hour); all rooms have separate bathrooms; towels are not available in the inn, please bring your own towels, other disposable toiletries are the same as the hotel; free play on the beach, parking charge. Special reminder: due to the shortage of housing supply, once decided, there will be no rescheduling and non-refund except force majeure; housing prices will sometimes fluctuate with the flow of people, weather and other factors, once settled, regardless of house price fluctuations, no increase in money will not make up the price difference.