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body, glass door, small table, luggage rack, LED rolling screen, arrival reminder broadcast, etc.,


Aug 3, 2023
body, glass door, small table, luggage rack, LED rolling screen, arrival reminder broadcast, etc.,

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Cecilia Cheung showed up at the airport with a lot of luggage on her. He is carrying a small box bag and a bag in his hand. Is this a new way to show your bag? However, the small black box bag carried by Cecilia Cheung is very stylish. The body is decorated with gold beads and looks good with a black hooded sweater. These clothes not only ensure comfort, but also make people look stylish.

Xingyi vacuum plastic glue quality assurance automobile interior decoration refers to automobile ceiling, carpet, floor mat, dashboard, interior door panel, seat, trunk luggage rack and spare tire cover plate, etc., they are usually formed by multi-layer non-metallic materials in the manufacturing process, and the connecting materials are mainly various adhesives. Due to the active chemical properties of isocyanate, no matter in the process of storage or construction, isocyanate components must not come into contact with water, alkali and acid, otherwise chemical reactions will occur, resulting in paint failure. The investment cost is low, and there is no need for solvent recovery and fire and explosion-proof facilities.

ABS is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, which has the characteristics of high impact property, easy molding and processing, good handle and easy electroplating. Blending ABS with PVC can synthesize the advantages of both, and become a new material widely used in electrical shell, electrical components, automobile dashboard, textile equipment, luggage and so on.

With Dongguan as the core, the exhibition radiates textile shoe, luggage and bag industry clusters such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen. 400 production enterprises are specially invited to bring new products on display. At that time, local industrial clusters in Guangdong, big brands, large traders and clothing and shoe-making enterprises from the surrounding South and Central China will come to the scene to visit and purchase.

Heat preservation and cold preservation is the basic function of heat preservation bag. It is a kind of special luggage with short-term heat preservation effect, which can keep cold / heat preservation. The insulation layer of the product is pearl cotton + aluminum foil tin foil, which can provide good heat insulation effect. The characteristics of the thermal insulation bag, as the name implies, is the lunch box that can be insulated. Next, the editor will show you the characteristics of the thermal insulation package.

The “China Jewelry” high-speed rail brand train adopts the triple three-dimensional communication form of “text + image + sound”. Multiple images such as brand advertising words, video advertisements and posters are integrated into all the details of the train body, glass door, small table, luggage rack, LED rolling screen, arrival reminder broadcast, etc., realizing the comprehensive penetration of the brand in the high-speed train, allowing customers to feel the brand image immersively, and narrowing the distance between the brand and consumers. During the same period, the brand video advertisement of China Jewelry was broadcast in the carriages of more than 400 trains of Guangzhou Railway Bureau, covering all the trains of Guangzhou Railway Bureau and covering the north and south of the country.

body, glass door, small table, luggage rack, LED rolling screen, arrival reminder broadcast, etc.,

The incubator produced by Sweet City luggage is made of Oxford cloth or nylon cloth, which is tough and wear-resistant; it is equipped with waterproof glue bottom and anti-skid pad at the bottom. The food warehouse is made of aluminum foil, which is insulated by PE cotton and has the function of keeping cold and heat. Environmental protection and safety, can be in direct contact with food. The box body adopts hot melt seamless bonding technology, which can keep heat for a long time. Portable, lightweight, fashionable design, food can be kept fresh for a long time, easy to use, suitable for outdoor picnics and daily life (for example: can be used for children to bring lunch to school. You can not only enjoy fresh food at any time, but also ensure hygiene and health.

Wash water, car wash grid, manufacturer direct sales, warranty five-year door, board, column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, dashboard, car, hood and cab and fire water truck, refrigerated truck, tractor, railway transport, train window frame, roof, roof tank, curved toilet floor and luggage compartment door, door. Bus body shell plastic mini car fiberglass grille scope of application: automobile and railway transport industry: car shell and other parts roof ventilator, freezer, and some railway communication facilities, in highway construction, traffic signs, traffic signs, isolation piers, highway guardrail, etc.

Compression molding is one of the effective processing methods of polyester. This method is relatively fast, automatic and produces less waste. Sheet molding material (SMC) is a collection of resin. Glass fiber, thickener, release agent, pigment and catalyst are integrated, thus the damage of glass fiber can be reduced to a low degree, and the appearance surface can be improved by adding a thermoplastic low shrinkage additive. Successfully developed a 30-second curing and smooth SMC system, which can use polyester to make external parts of the car body, such as engine hood and luggage compartment cover. SMC can also make the dashboard, headlight cover and rear wheel cover of the car. Other grades of SMC can process distribution switches, fuse holders and road lampshades for bathtubs, laundry buckets, waste pools and electrical parts. Processing and application: