• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

has already prepared hot water, Amoy hot towel over the head,


Nov 2, 2023
has already prepared hot water, Amoy hot towel over the head,

“Deaf Guai Da” knocked the smoking pot in the heel of his shoe, pinned it on his waist, and rubbed out a piece of black tarp from the lapel of his clothes, which was a shaving knife. Mother has already prepared hot water, Amoy hot towel over the head, hot, itchy, very comfortable. With the scratching of the razor, a layer of hair fell from the ground.

There are 44 children in our class, including 27 boys and 17 girls. There are 4 students who cut in the class. Through the activities and exercise in the kindergarten for three academic years, each child has developed to varying degrees in all aspects. Mainly manifested in the ability to live independently, can wear and take off in an orderly manner, tidy up clothes, shoes and socks. Can use towels and toilet paper correctly. Most young children have gradually developed the good habit of washing their hands seriously, taking the initiative to drink water, eating quietly and happily and returning things far away. In addition, through fiddling with and operating in the corner activities, children learn to carry out simple comparison, classification, measurement and other activities, at the same time, we also found that there are problems in the process of early childhood development: some children can not consciously make the bed after getting up; do not pay enough attention to all kinds of information in life; do not experience the fun of communication in time. We will take appropriate measures in response to these in this semester, so that the ability of young children can be developed in an all-round way.

On the afternoon of the same day, the reporter came to Hohhot No. 38 Middle School, and the school staff registered and took the temperature of the reporters. In the school building, several teachers are working on eliminate virus and adjusting desks and chairs in the classroom. At the door of each classroom, newly purchased kettles, 84 disinfectants, hand sanitizers and towels are placed on the storage shelves to facilitate teachers and students to carry out personal hygiene and class environment eliminate virus at any time.

Freego takes into account the camping picnic part, thoughtfully prepared dry and wet facial towels (travel clothes), compact and portable travel clothes are the best choice for outdoor travel, it can not only be used for facial cleansing, but also show off at picnics. Thickened large size, one can be used to wipe tableware, tables and chairs and even can be directly used to put food.

The scientific zone is included at will, and the storage is clear and clear. it is equipped with aluminum foil milk bottle insulation bag, second-pull paper towel side pocket, waterproof wet clothes bag, back anti-theft hidden bag, inner zipper bag, elastic bag mouth small storage bag, outer zipper bag, elastic bag mouth storage bag, main pocket, multi-functional design, real practical mommy bag.

Parents can play in the rest area, wait for the dog to play on the 2000-square-foot super lawn outside the park, exhaust their energy, and go home to sleep. Haha. The park is equipped with self-help washing and blowing, you only need to bring a towel to the dog.

Hot compress still has a certain effect, mothers can first use hot towels to do hot compress, on the breast for 2-3 minutes, and then suck by the baby, remember to let the baby suck the milk dry, suck thoroughly oh.