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take the initiative to prepare lunch and dinner for the staff of the Huazhuang


Aug 4, 2023
take the initiative to prepare lunch and dinner for the staff of the Huazhuang

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Liangping Oriental Jinhong Trading Co., Ltd., a recruiter, requirements: limited to women, housekeeper software experience, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility. Two days off a month, the company provides lunch, and the salary is negotiable.

The reporter noticed that in the video, the photographer pulled a woman on the street to ask for an explanation: “as soon as I swept this (QR code) with my mobile phone, the (Wechat) account was stolen. (you quickly) delete my information.” In addition to the quarrel at the scene, there is also a circular recording in the video, “scan Wechat to get a free thermos cup, no collar, no collar.” In the comments section of the video, hundreds of netizens left messages reminding photographers to call the police, while others said that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

The reporter saw a lot of such stories in the interview: private car owners who took the initiative to lead the way for fire engines; men who saw firefighters sweating and picked up cardboard fans; volunteers who continuously sent lunch, mung bean soup, towels, alcoholic cotton, band-aids, and watermelons; enthusiastic people who sent a box full of vitamins to help rescue workers improve their immunity.

Students who eat in the canteen wear masks and line up to go to the canteen after class, 1 meter apart from others, wash their hands before eating, take off the mask at the last minute of sitting down, do not communicate, talk less, and keep a safe distance. If you eat in the classroom, the canteen staff will send the lunch to the classroom in advance and keep it warm. Students wash their hands at different times before meals, wash hands and clean dishes at different times after eating.

Xiao Zhongxiang said that out-of-school meal service is related to thousands of families. in order to ensure the safety, nutrition, and health of students, in accordance with the principle of “box lunch to class,” the food distribution enterprise directly transports the packaged box meal to the school, and the teacher distributes it to the students. After the meal is finished, the lunch box is uniformly recycled, cleaned and sterilized, thus ensuring the safety and hygiene, heat preservation and quality of the lunch. During the meal, the school family committee, school leaders, Jiashan company leaders and head teachers participated in the whole meal work. There are specific responsible persons in charge of all kinds of work, such as special personnel to pick up meals, fixed points to divide meals, teachers to try meals, leaders to accompany meals, food samples to keep samples, records to fill in after meals, opinions collection after meals, and so on.

When talking about the future, Metcalfe said she hopes to continue to work from home for three more days a week. ” Overall, I benefit from working from home, including spending more time with my children and partners after school than before, rather than relying on my grandparents. Generally speaking, women are the main early parenting bearers, even if they have the most responsible partners. For me, I think I need to be in two places at the same time when commuting. The flexible work schedule allows me to take my mother to the doctor at lunchtime to hear how the 11-year-old is doing today and, if necessary, to work for some time in the evening. “

Women in the workplace are sloppy at lunch and may ignore a lot, generally focusing on starchy foods and neglecting the supplement of vegetables and fruits. In this way, it will often cause nutritional imbalance, which will not only affect their own health, but also affect the development of babies conceived in the future.

When I came back from a two-hour stroll in the forest, it was lunchtime. Because the forest does not have the conditions for cooking, lunch was ordered from the restaurant and delivered early in the morning in an incubator. Because the weather is still cold, so we can only eat “indoors”, there is only one table, and only seven children can eat at the same time.

take the initiative to prepare lunch and dinner for the staff of the Huazhuang

There are two months of paid leave in a year, and universal medical care is free. In addition, Latvia also attaches great importance to education. From primary school to college, if you attend a public school, all are free. In addition, children will be provided with free lunches. In order to promote the all-round development of children, the fees for interest training courses are also very low. to what extent? The cost for a semester is about 150 yuan. Therefore, the general level of education of women in Latvia is not low, and it is not a matter of a few words that you can be fooled by playing a few tricks.

Recently, Hongqi Logistics Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., and Blue Sky float Glass Factory, which are members of the “Social work Committee” of Huazhuang Community, have shown that they have taken the initiative to take the initiative to prepare lunch and dinner for the staff of the Huazhuang Expressway exit epidemic Prevention and Control Duty Point. The three enterprises have fully considered the dining needs of the staff on duty for epidemic prevention and control at the entrance of the highway, and packed them into incubators. Then uniformly sent to the epidemic prevention and control card point. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of food delivery, strict hygiene tests were carried out in the whole process from cooking and delivering meals to ensure that front-line anti-epidemic personnel ate assured food and cheered for the front-line staff in epidemic prevention and control.

From the point of view of the quality of the dishes, only ele.me will put the dishes in the incubator, but some of the dishes directly distributed by the merchants are only delivered in plastic bags, and the lunch mixed with Rain Water is really sour on a rainy day or for a long time.

Some women accept these superficial compliments, while others feel offended, but they all think it is best to ignore them and concentrate on their work. Once, when Mr. X (the powerful executive) suddenly invited Maureen to an important executive lunch, Caroline (her colleague) told her to ignore it. At that time, she received the most beautiful envelope ever. Her heart tickled when she touched the high-end stationery at her fingertips. Her name was written in exquisite handwork on the front of the envelope, and the folded card inside was solemn, which was used for grand and formal occasions.

At 11:30 on the 16th, it was mealtime for 51 middle school students in the city. Employees of Lujia Xianda Catering Company, which is responsible for providing lunch for teachers and students of the school, sent insulation buckets containing rice, Kung Pao chicken, bean sprouts and rice wine dumplings to the classroom. Zhang Liang, principal of the school, because the school does not have the conditions to build its own canteen, and finally chose the catering enterprise, which has been examined and filed in the Culture and Education Bureau of the High-tech Zone, to provide lunch for teachers and students by the way of “hot chain delivery”: around 10:00 every morning, the staff transports meals at a temperature of not less than 80 ℃ into an incubator to the school and ensures that the temperature is not lower than 65 ℃ when dividing meals. In addition, the delivery unit will deliver more meals according to the number of students and the amount of meals. Therefore, students can repeat meals to ensure that they can have enough to eat.