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the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest


Aug 6, 2023
the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest

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At 11:30 at noon every day, the lunch distributed by the central kitchen will be delivered to the classroom in time. The school requires the Culture and Travel Group to provide one spare meal for each class in addition to the food distribution standard, and at the same time properly make good food heat preservation measures to ensure that all students have enough to eat. After the students have eaten, the plate and kitchen trash can will be recycled and disposed of centrally by the company.

the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest

The space in this lunch bag can hold a drink, a sandwich and several snacks. Small food storage containers or food thermos can hold leftovers from last night, or you can put them in a bag. Please note that this lunchbox is carried upright, but it has to be laid flat to unzip, so you need to put soup or other liquid in another leak-proof container, such as a thermos.

Fortunately, school life came to an end quickly. Happily entered the company to start a career, only to have lunch in the company is still an inevitable topic. I started my first job in winter. When I think of that office, I remember the chill of snow. The dining room and the kitchen are on the negative floor, and the heating never seems to be enough to fight the colder and colder temperatures. At about 12:30 in the afternoon, everyone went downstairs with lunch boxes. Lunch in northeastern Germany is extremely light. Although the kitchen facilities are complete, the coffee maker is the most commonly used. The stove was hardly turned on, and the microwave oven and oven were contracted by me and a French colleague, while my German colleague simply opened the butter wrapped in tin foil, spread it evenly on the bread slices with a knife, and ate it with a hot drink. One of the tall German girls eats four slices of bread and drinks black coffee from thermos at noon every day. I often suspect that she gets more energy from tobacco.

the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest

Spain is a moderately developed capitalist country, but its domestic social welfare ranks first in Europe. Medical care is not only free, but also provides nutrition subsidies to seriously ill patients. The average life expectancy of women is as high as 87 years. Education is free and compulsory, and most schools provide free lunches and transportation subsidies.

Many female office workers do not have a working meal and often rely on takeout for their lunch or dinner. Takeout can get more favor, mainly because they are heavy-flavored food and taste better.

the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest

At about 10:30, Dai Xiaoyin and his colleagues finished making the lunch and put it in an incubator in turn. “We must make sure that the temperature of the meal is kept above 70 ℃ for medical staff and patients,” Dai Xiaoyin told reporters late in the evening.

At noon, the bell rang and the children walked from the classroom to the canteen under the guidance of the teacher. The steaming dishes have been laid out. Salt and pepper steak, mushroom fried meat, fried pig liver in sauce, scrambled eggs with tomato, diced potatoes and chicken; staple food in addition to white rice, there are vegetable rice and corncob; soup is cabbage gong ball soup. Each dish is placed on the heat preservation table and kept warm all the time. According to their preferences, students pick up their meals and serve soup in an orderly manner, then go to their desks and enjoy them, and soon eat up all the food on their plates. The cafeteria aunt said that after the introduction of the lunch buffet, the biggest change was that there were no leftovers. Swill buckets used to have two or three barrels a day, but now they are less than half a barrel.