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baggu reversible hand towel set


Aug 13, 2023
baggu reversible hand towel set

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Meal-before the meal, the class teacher orderly organized the children to wash their hands with flowing water in seven steps and wipe their hands with their own towels; when the children were eating, they sat forward and sat down together at a distance of 1 meter; the table and floor were disinfected after the meal.

At 8:35 in the morning, with the school fire alarm sounded, the drill officially began. The head teacher of each class quickly arrived in each classroom to assist the teacher in organizing the student evacuation, and the floor supervisor also arrived at the designated location in time to guide the evacuation of the students. The students quickly covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, bent down, followed the evacuation route of the fire plan in an orderly and rapid manner, and all evacuated safely to the designated assembly place. During the whole evacuation process, there was no crowding, staying, pushing and shoving. The students were orderly and performed extremely well.

Vosges Home Textile officially put forward the brand positioning of “Global Fashion New aesthetician Textile expert” in 2019. After the resumption of the epidemic, it will still firmly launch more new global aesthetic products, at the same time, it will also, as always, strengthen the product line layout in the main health and antibacterial aspects, such as Vosges cotton towels, antibacterial latex pillows, antibacterial kits and so on. In addition, in view of the current situation of the epidemic, Jieyu brand is also focusing on promoting the “antibacterial” series of products, focusing on the concept of taking care of safety, educating consumers to develop a good habit of using towels separately, using them for different purposes, and changing them regularly.

Adhesive tape, cosmetics and hot water bags should be banned. In order to prevent wet skin reaction in patients, soft towels should be dipped in warm water and gently wiped, and irritating washing and disinfectants should be prohibited.

baggu reversible hand towel set

I feel that there are still many different places, at least when I am at home, I will not buy a towel heating cabinet for household use. I have to disinfect and heat four or five towels at home. I am busy with something so big, but the FIVE intelligent hot towel machine is different. It is very portable and compact, and the disposable ones will not be used repeatedly to be contaminated with bacteria and dirty things. If you want me to choose, I must choose the small one.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is an oil fume area. However, friends who often cook like to hang a towel in the kitchen and use it to wipe their bodies when they sweat during cooking. In fact, this practice is very harmful to the skin. Because the kitchen lampblack smell is heavy, the towel hangs in the kitchen easily adsorbs these smoke smell, so uses this kind of towel to be able to harm the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not hang towels in the kitchen.

When cleaning, some girls are afraid that they will not be clean. After rinsing with water, they scrub desperately with towels. The delicate skin is indeed a bit rough, so they still have to gently press it on their faces with wet towels so that they will not hurt the skin.

The cleanliness and beauty of the city is inseparable from the sanitation workers, it is their hard work to create a good and comfortable living environment. At the event site, the relevant person in charge of the Jinggu County Housing and Construction Bureau extended greetings to the sanitation workers, reminding everyone to do a good job of self-protection, always pay attention to safety, and prevent high temperature heatstroke. Subsequently, the staff will be mineral water, towels and other heat prevention and cooling consolation products one by one to the hands of sanitation workers.

With the fire alarm sounded, the drill began. Under the guidance of the director teacher, the children of the whole garden covered their mouth and nose with wet towels and bent over, quickly withdrew from the classroom, and evacuated in an orderly manner in accordance with the evacuation route of the fire prevention plan.